IDS Vietnam

IDS Vietnam is a venture company established in February 2017.
And now we need talented Vietnamese engineers to fulfill our mission.
It will be a very rewarding and fascinating mission for you.

We are waiting for the day to work with you!!

ids VietNam

Business Contents

1. AWS (Amazon Web Services)

1. AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Since realising「The more cloud used, the more convenient it is」
We are developing a cloud service by customizing AWS, as an Advanced Consulting Partner of Amazon.
You will be able to equip world-class licenses and skills through e-Learning system.

2. EC-CUBE (Open source EC platform which has 1 million downloads)

(Open source EC platform which has over 1 million downloads)

EC-CUBE is package system support various purposes such as account management, setting product price for each member, etc... as well as B2B business specific functionality.

We can even flexibly connect with external system, decrease cost, customize to suit your business.

3. Web Application Services

3. Web Application Services

We are widely cooperating with representative companies in Japan, focusing on Web system development (using PHP, Java, ASP.Net, ...).
Our goal is the same with customers' goal. We always provide the best solution by using most suitable technology for customer base on the understanding about the goal of customer through IT services.

4. Android/IOS Application

4.Mobile Application services

Along with web application development services, we are expanding to development mobile application services on Android and IOS (using React Native, Kotlin, Swift, ...).
Our goals are similar to provide quality service and cross-platform.





What's Job?
- Involve development of web application systems (PHP, Java,...).
- Involve development of mobile applications (Android, IOS).
- Design, coding, implementing, maintaining, testing.
- Make documents for the system.
Must have
1. PHP Developer
- Over 2 years experience in development web applications using PHP.
- Have experience with PHP Web and once or more MVC frameworks (Laravel, CakePHP, Symfony,...).
- Good knowledge about RDBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL,...).
- Have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JQuery.
- Have experience with Github, GitLab,...
- Good teamwork and problem solving capabilities.
2. Java Developer
- Over 2 years experience in development web applications using Java.
- Have experience with PHP Web and once or more frameworks (Struts, Spring).
- Good knowledge about RDBMS(Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL,...) and ORM technologies (Hibernate,MyBatis,...).
- Have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JQuery.
- Have experience with Github, GitLab,...
- Good teamwork and problem solving capabilities.
3. Mobile Developer (Android, IOS)
- Over 2 years experience in development mobile application (Android, IOS).
- Have experience with React Native, Kotlin, Swift,...
- Have experience with Rest API and JSON data.
- Knowledge of UI elements & layout.
- Have experience with Github, GitLab,...
- Good teamwork and problem solving capabilities.
4. Front end Developer
- Over 1 year experience in development design websites using Photoshop, Adobe XD, AI,...
- Have experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript (MovableType・jQuery), Bootstrap, SCSS,...
- Have experience with WordPress CMS.
- Have experience design web responsive.
- Have experience with Github, GitLab,...
- Good teamwork and problem solving capabilities.
5. Bridge Software Engineer (BSE)
- Over 2 years experience working in BSE positions with Japanese customers.
- Japanese language: N2~ (Required)
- Have strong knowledge about Java framework (Spring, Struts).
- Have strong knowledge about MVC frameworks (Laravel, CakePHP, Symfony).
- Have strong knowledge about RDBMS (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL).
- Have experience with Github, GitLab,...
- Good teamwork and problem solving capabilities.
6. QC Engineer (Tester)
- Over 2 years experience working in BSE position.
- Have experience creating, executing and managing test cases.
- Have experience using test case management tools, bug tracking tools (Redmine, Backlog, JIRA,...).
- Analytical mind and problem-solving aptitude.
- Japanese language: ~N3.
- Good teamwork and problem solving capabilities.
Nice to have
- Have experience with AWS Services (EC2, RDS, S3,...).
- Have experience create design (Basic design, Detail design,...).
- Good problem solving, organizational and time management skills.
- Have experience with Docker, CI/CD.
- Good communication skill in English.
- Configuring and setting up Linux server.
What you get?
・Innovative and open-mind working environment regardless of gender age or experience.
・Working space and time is extremely impressive and comfortable!
・New laptop, desk, chair, ... for you!
・New Technology of Japan. You can learn a lot if you are interested!
・Have a chance to study/work in Japan.
・Experience of Start-Up Company.
・Social insurance.
・13th payment of annual bonus.
・Recreation trip.
・Bike parking fee.
・Free lunch.


Attachment CV

File format: jpeg, jpg, png, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, bmp, gif, tiff
Capacity: Up to 5MB possible



IDS Vision

Increasing the happiness of "related people" through IT services, "related people" means our employees and families, customers, partners, shareholders and executive.

Through our business, we aim to get more satisfaction from people involved (customers, business partners, internal staff, their families, stockholders).

Our company is a development center in Vietnam, aim to providing more high-quality services.

Our company's motto is「Catch customers' true needs, service quality associated with customer satisfaction」

Your life as well as your family's life will be more splendid than now if you make the most of it.

For What? For Who?

The value of work is changed greatly by your purpose 「What do you work for?」

We have strong belief.
That value of work is changed greatly by question「For what、For who」

In business, sometimes we have to get over a crisis, the view of the future that you can see can be changed by: 「What do you do it for? 」

Our company's vision also is "for what?"
Our individual goal is "for what?"

We aim to increase the happiness of each person that uses our IT services.
In order to make that a reality, we are working in earnest to become the world's best IT company with strong service quality.
It's not only a company which gathers employees with technology, but also aims to balance both our company vision with individual purpose.

Our job is about impressing our customer.
Our job is about making customer's feel satisfied.

Therefore, we have decided to increase our skills with high ambitions.

At the end of the day System Development is just only a method.
In order to impress our customers, In order to make customer's feel satisfied.
We are recruiting people who have the same purpose as our company, with high aspirations and enthusiasm.

It is now an era where all technical information can be accessed freely through the internet from anywhere in the world and the end of the era where we can compete with other companies by 「technological power」and「price」
Because of that, our company has decided to commit to 「customer satisfaction」and 「become the world's best in customer service skills」

We would like to create an easy-to-use system which still retains complex functions as an engineer.
As a businessman, we would like to take care of customers carefully, and provide services based on a customers position and needs.
We would like to conduct business based on the premise of long-term relationships with our customers.

This is our honest thoughts in this field.
Our goal is to ensure we have the best customer service, by always caring about the customer.

Although we are grabbed attention by such as programming skills or delivery timing, but please think about 「Happiness」 created by IT.

IT is essential to companies development, such as automating simple tasks, shortening working hours, improving sales, etc.
Before that, there is the personal happiness that IT realizes, such as improving quality of life, maintaining health, preventing disasters, etc.
Resulting in higher added values and shortening long working hours.

We meet a customer satisfaction then we will receive reasonable price for that and make our employees as well as their family's happiness come true by growing up better environments and opportunities.

This spiral is our company's business vision.

In addtion, our mission is not satisfy ourselves by comparison with other companies but also pursue happiness.
We always believe that without hapiness, it is not truly IT.


It is our company value. The most important guideline is mentioned.
It all to increase people happiness by using IT services.


We keep providing proposal to our customers without hesitation, at any time and giving choices by showing a merit and a trade-off.

We keep thinking, never giving up until finding an answer.

We imagine as much as possible, aim to respond to our customer's need even without their order.

We never make demand with self belief, by presenting the conditions for making it come true we will never say "can not".

We will always have the awareness of being as the main player, and sweat more than our customer and business partners.


We aim to make a relationship that can connect with our customers and business partners throughout life.

We learn from others good points. Never feel ashamed of learning by following others' examples.

We never do what we cannot tell to our parents. In order to take pride in living, we never do the wrong thing.

We always continue learning, even as we get older and no matter how successful we become, we will never stop growing.

We will take on a challenge wholeheartedly. If there is a challenge, no result will be blamed, the whole company works together.


Make a proposal that you believe is fair and best. We do fair business activities for our customers, but do not un-fair/selfish business purposed for our benefit.

Realization Ability
By combining high technology, proposal, and communication, we provide business satisfaction (not craftsman satisfaction).

Challenge, and overcome difficulties by teamwork and delivers the benefits to customers.